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Digestion of the Silent Earth

Asli Hatipoglu

Most decomposers such as insects are never noticed. Today, we hardly know how the ecosystem functions with the absence of insects. Over 75% of insects have declined in abundance since the last 50 years, threatening human well-being. From being a highly priced delicacy in many countries, insects are also investigated for their potential medical uses for human health. Artist and researcher Asli Hatipoğlu dives into this subject through a performative dinner where she aims to alter perceptions on a species that are primarily seen as pests and unwelcome guests. By incorporating humor, Asli challenges social norms around eating, while informing the guests on dynamics of the soil we live on. Inspired by the film of artists Anne Duk Hee Jordan and Pauline Doutreluingne’s ‘Brakfesten-Le Grand Bouffe’, Asli prepares a delicious meal for guests to digest.