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Merchild (Shell)

Aniara Omann

“Merchild is a series of small sculptures in recycled plastic, seaweed, silicone, ceramic and felted wool. The sculptures are inspired by mermaid myths and take the form of fictional futuristic sea creatures, which as a result of the drastic rise of the world’s oceans are in the process of evolving “back” to sea animals and therefore exist in an evolutionary intermediate stage between humans and animals.

Installed on walls, floors, and vertical hangings, the installation suggests that the viewer is walking on the seafloor between these various creatures from the future. These merfolk are half human, half shrimp, mussel, crab, and squid, and refer aesthetically to both cute children’s book illustrations and grotesque Nordic sea monsters.” – Aniara Omann

Materials: Recycled and cast HDPE plastic; cast silicone; glazed stoneware.