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Womb Gloop – Act 2 Tails

Clarinda Tse 雍記

Leaning into the lunar observation, “womb gloop” is an amphibian algae womb who clarifies, gathers, rubs, ruptures, stations, half-closes, senses, traces, wraps, unwinds in the synergy of heat and humidity.

They collect hearts, wear them across their bodies. These hearts are ready for birthing. In the weight of the hearts, bursted are leaking jellies. Reenact the evolving of this being, wagging weighted tail. Balancing bacterial colonies. Growing patchy. Reach by the thread, sharpened handles as picks. Breathing through the skin.

The performance features foraged seaweed from Kintyre – Ellary and Carsaig  (from a bright summer day and pre-storm autumn day), plastic packaging, and a scallop-edge dish and soldered holder made by fionn duffy. The clay of the dish is foraged from Bragar, Lewis which is mixed with reclaimed stoneware, the glaze is goat milk with some splashes of pine roisin.Act